Node modular sensor system

Developed by chinese-born, US-based engineer george yu and variable technologies, ‘node’ is a modular sensor system,interfacing via bluetooth with smartphones and tablets to provide information customized to the user’s needs.the basic ‘node’ device contains a gyroscope, magnetometer, and accelerometer, as well as an audio buzzerand two dimmable blue LEDs.

At either end, a small cap can be added that contains an additional sensor,letting users interchange pieces to fit diverse situations. current caps include ‘luma’ which contains 8 LEDsthat can be set individually to turn on or off or in custom patterns; and ‘clima’, which senses barometric pressure,wind speed, temperature, and humidity.

Modules planned for future release include an infrared thermometerand radiation detector. in addition, after the original ‘node’ kickstarter run, the company is planning to releasea set of gas sensing modules called ‘oxa’ for the device, each capable of detecting levels of a different gaslike carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, chlorine, nitric oxide, hydrogen, or sulfur dioxide.

via node modular sensor system.

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